Hoang Thuc Hao is the first Vietnamese architect to win the 2016 SIA-GETZ Award for Outstanding Architect in Asia, and also the first Vietnamese to be awarded 02 major awards (organized once in every three years): The Vassilis Sgoutas Prize for Implemented Architecture Serving the Impoverished 2017 & The Robert Matthew Prize for Sustainable and Humane Environments 2023 by the International Union of Architects (UIA).

UIA said:

"Hoang Thuc Hao pays special attention to rural areas and poor communities, highlighting the role of architects in the process of social construction and renovation. Deeply understanding and adapting to local conditions, Mr. has pioneered innovations. People participating and being an integral part of the construction process are empowered to improve their living environment. Not only does he aim for sustainability in construction, but more importantly, he respects and promotes cultural value in his works - an aspect often overlooked in developing economies."

"Hoang Thuc Hao is one of the few Vietnamese architects with a clear community mindset in combining the natural and living environments with strong community and cultural connections."

His architecture focuses on the practical support of cynical communities through diverse projects such as community houses, workers' houses, schools for disadvantaged children, new rural villages, etc. An effective approach, combining academic knowledge and folk experience, natural elements, and core indigenous culture, his work is an effective testament to the preservation and promotion of local identity. in a contemporary context.

He proposed the philosophy of 'architecture of happiness' - architecture is not simply about designing and creating space but can bring about justice and happiness.